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Integration of experimental data into a single framework to 3D genomics models

National Center for Genomic Analysis (CNAG-CRG) / National Genome Sequencing Centre





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Develop a single framework to model 3D genomes based on diverse datasets obtained by ESRs. The global aim will be accomplished with 3 objectives:
1. Proper genome description/representation.
2. Implementation of new restraints types to represent the input data.
3. Development of new sampling strategies to identify the minima that satisfies the input restraints.


Computational development of a Python modules to TADbit for the use of diverse and additional input restraints.

Expected Results

An updated TADbit module to deal with diverse datasets interrogating the genome structure. The resulting methods and software will be used within the ETN for modelling genomes and genomic domains.

Planned Secondments

FMI, Switzerland (3 months):
EMBL, Germany (3 months):
Hi-C experiments
ELISAVA, Spain (1 month):
Design of new ways of representing genomes
MPIMG, Germany (4 months):
Analysis of genetic alterations

Enrolment in doctoral programs

PhD in Biochemistry from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona


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