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Chromatin Dynamics

Institut Curie



About Geneviève

Geneviève Almouzni is a leader in epigenetics with more than 20 years experience in chromatin and nuclear organisation. Her expertise includes biochemistry of nuclear proteins, epigenomics, cell biology, advanced microscopy, in vivo genetics in xenopus and mouse models and cancer biology.


Geneviève is head of the “chromatin dynamics” team at Institut Curie. The team is interested in understanding how chromatin organization is established, propagated, maintained, and changed during development and in response to environmental cues. Errors in these processes can lead to mis-regulation of genome functions and pathological outcomes, such as cancer.

The groups findings have shed light on the fundamental issues of the dynamics, fate, and inheritance of histones, with their specific marks typical of particular chromatin domains. The plan is to analyze the regulatory pathways that target histone chaperones and variants to control the assembly line and its connecting network.

These studies should ultimately help in the development of medical applications of relevance for cancer.