Project Supervisors


Chromosome structure and transcriptional regulation

Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research



About Luca

Luca Giorgetti is head of the Chromosome Structure and Transcriptional Regulation group at FMI. An expert in physical modelling and molecular biology — he is the recipient of the 2017 EMBO Young Investigator Award and has a PhD from the European Institute of Oncology (IEO), Milan, Italy where he also worked as a research associate.


Research in his lab is focused on transcriptional regulation and chromosome conformation in mammalian cells. They use a combination of molecular biology, live-cell imaging, physical modelling and genomic engineering.

3C-based studies, which measure chromosomal contacts using chemical cross-linking, have revealed that mammalian chromosomes are partitioned into a complex hierarchy of interaction domains. However, the mechanistic details of how physical interactions within chromosomes translate into transcriptional outputs are totally unknown.

Therefore, Luca Giorgetti and his team continue to explore the biophysical mechanisms that link chromosome conformation and long-range transcriptional regulation in mouse embryonic stem cells (ESC).