Project Supervisors


Chromatin Alterations in Tumorigenesis

European Institute of Oncology (IEO)



About Severio

Saverio Minucci is an expert in cancer epigenetics, drug discovery and development as well as haematological malignancies. Research activities in his lab focus on the study of deregulation of chromatin structure/function in cancer with the goal to Identify systematically epigenetic alterations in cancer cells and to exploit this knowledge to optimize epigenetic therapies towards a more targeted approach.


To fulfill their goals, the group has adopted a combination of experimental strategies including — the mechanistical analysis of chromatin alterations in cancer, the functional dissection of the role of chromatin modifiers in leukemogenesis, epigenetic cancer therapy and the optimisation of anticancer therapies.

A fundamental part of Saverio Minucci’s lab’s activities consists in the development of new technologies and new essays for the study of epigenetic alterations in cancer.