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Design of a science communication toolkit

ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering





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Francesc Ribot
ELISAVA, 1st Supervisor

Luciano Di Croce
CRG, 2nd Supervisor


Create a communication toolkit that serves as an interface in the transmission of the scientific knowledge generated by the project towards the scientific community itself, the educational community and the dissemination of health issues that affect the general interest of society.


Study the tools for collecting, interpreting and visualising data. Semiotic analysis to measure the effectiveness of visualisation of data. Co-creation sessions with the research teams to fuse scientific connection and visual expressiveness. Process of transformation of the scientific language into the visual and intuitive language.

Expected Results

Theoretical framework that supports the systematisation of visual language, graphic hierarchies, three-dimensional construction and virtual interaction.

Planned Secondments

CNAG-CRG, Spain (1 month):
Knowledge acquisition on data obtained from genome analysis and Hi-C analysis.
INSTITUT CURIE, France (1 month):
Knowledge acquisition on cell biology data production.
HMGU, Germany (2 weeks):
Knowledge acquisition on data obtained from image analysis.
UCPH, Denmark (1 month):
Knowledge acquisition on data obtained from drug testing.
BYFACILITY, Spain (1 month):
Learning how to create conversational interfaces.

Enrolment in doctoral programs

PhD in Communication from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona


Innovation Product: Creative Decoding Tool (

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