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Project: Design of a science communication toolkit

Elisava - School of Design and Engineering




About Carla

Carla Molins Pitarch is a Creative Technologist, Experience designer, researcher & educator. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in science communication as a Marie Curie Fellow in the ChromDesign ITN at Elisava Research and UPF. Carla is working at the intersection of design, art, technology, and biology to bring a tangible instance to complex scientific concepts. At this moment, Carla’s research domains are molecular and cell biology as part of her ChromDesign project.

Design and Technology MFA ‘19 Graduate with departmental honors (Parsons, The New School, New York) as La Caixa Fellow. Brooklyn Research ’19 Fellow. Parsons/ Verizon Design Jam, most critical design Award. “Enlightening Dark Matter” project was awarded at NYCML ‘18 in the Creative Technology category. Design degree from ELISAVA, Barcelona School of Design & Engineering, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southampton (Winchester, UK). Annihilation, her final degree project, was awarded a Laus bronze prize.

Carla’s professional career ranges from Digital Design Director at RBA Magazines, digital art director, motion graphic designer, and graphic designer for multiple clients, including broadcasting companies, healthcare enterprises, governmental institutions, … for near a decade.

Carla’s past research has been centered on visualizing through haptic and interactive experiences different complex scientific concepts. She created different immersive experiences in my practice, including kinetic- robotic objects, physical visualizations, and museum installations that materialize abstract concepts such as dark matter and antimatter to provide learning and discovery. Her work has been exhibited and demoed in the USA, Finland, and Spain, which allowed her to interact with multiple audiences to iterate on the designs.

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